Matikozyan Wins Los Angeles Open
By Steve Immitt   
October 8, 2012
IM Andranik Matikozyan discovered some great moves on Columbus Day Weekend! He swept through a field of four Masters (including 2 IMs), racing to a 2751 performance rating, before trimming his sails with a last round draw against US Women's Olympian WGM Tatev Abrahamyan to breeze to a first place finish, a whole point ahead of the rest of the galleon.  

He won the $1,498 First Prize, plus the additional $75 bonus prize for finishing clear first. See some key games from top finishers below: 





IM Roman Yakovsky tied for 2nd with Abrahamyan and California Master Shijie Chen; they each won $499. Find full standings and information at

Steve Immitt is an organizer and TD for Continental Chess.