The October Check is in the Mail
By Alex Dunne   
October 3, 2012
Michael Allard
A practicing dentist in Taunton, Massachusetts, Joseph Areias anesthetized the Expert opposition in the 2011  Trophy Quad 11Q15.  Joseph declined to submit any games for publication.
Fortunately, Michael Allard came to the rescue with this win against the always dangerous Charlie Leach.


Michael's win once again reaffirms the adage that fortune favors the brave.



1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 d6 6.Bg5 e6 7.Qd2 a6 8.0-0-0 h6

Allard notes that 8...h6 is condemned by such GMs as Yermolinsky, Khalifman, and Wells.
9.Nxc6 bxc6 10.Bf4 d5 11.Qe3 Be7 12.Be2 0-0 13.h4 Nh7 14.Qg3
White has a variety of choices here besides the solid 14. Qg3 -- the caveman 14. g4!? the wait-and-see 14. Kb1 and the positional 14. e5.
14...Kh8 15.Bc7 Qd7
Claridge-Szrama, World CC Championship 2000 continued 15...Qe8 16. Rhe1 Ra7 with an edge to White.
16.Na4 Bd8 17.Bd6 Be7 18.Bc7 Bd8 19.Bd6 Be7

In OTB play such repetitions are used to either gain time on the clock or establish a psychological advantage.  In CC play sometimes family life takes precedence.
White rightly plays on as his position is somewhat better.
20...Qxe7 21.Qe3 Nf6 22.e5
The mistaken attempt to win a Pawn by 22. Nb6 boomerangs after 22...Rb8 23. exd5 Qb4!
22...Nd7 23.c3
With 23 Nb6 White gets rid of his liability on a4 and relieves the pressure on e5 all while leaving Black with his problem child on c8.
For now 23...c5 looks natural and equalizing.
24.f4 f5? 25.g4 !?
Black's Knight is his most dangerous piece.  White could play 25. Nb6 and Nxd7 after which Black's position is basically passive. Nevertheless, Allard's decision to continue the kingside attack is reasonable and probably best.
25...fxg4 26.Bxg4 c5

With f4 a bit loose, White no longer has the move Nb6.  Therefore Black should try 26...a5 looking at Ba6-b5. 
27.Rhg1 Bb7 28.Rd2 Bc6 29.Bd1

White has neatly arranged to keep his a4 safe.  Black should now make White defend f4 by 29...Rf5 30. Bc2 Bxa4 31. Bxa4 Raf8 with an equal game.
29...Qxh4? 30.Nxc5 Rxf4
It is Black's kingside that is coming under immediate pressure.  Swapping Queens is a necessity 30...Qxf4

Adequate, but 30. Rxg7! is sharper -- 31...Nxc5 32. Qg1 (Threat 33. Qg6)  Rf1! 34. Qxf1 Kxg7 35. Qg1+ Kh8 36. Qxc5 and Black's exposed King will prove fatal.
31...Re4 32.Qg3 Qxg3 33.Rxg3 Rxe5 34.Nxg7 Rg8?
Black finally cracks under the pressure, but his game was already difficult.  With 34...Rf8, Black could play on. 
35.Rh2! 1-0

The conclusion could be 35...Re6 36. Nxe6 Rxg3 37. Rxh6+ Kg8 38. Nc7 and Black will lose another Pawn.

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John Collins

            Joseph Miller  11C21   6-0

Walter Muir

          Bernard Miller        11W35  6-0
          Roger Pedersen     12W22  6-0
            Robert McCorkle  11W28  4-2
            Ronald Roberts     12W21  4½-1 ½
            Vincent Sereni        12W20   6-0
            Roger Pedersen     12W18   5 ½-½

Trophy Quad

            Lester Ferrell  10Q11   6-0
            Joseph Areias  11Q15 6-0


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Paul O. Glass of Maplewood, New Jersey. Paul was born April 22, 1933, died in 2011.

After conducting an excellent game, Paul falters on Move 18.



Joe Kennedy of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was born November 6, 1965.  With wins like this one, Joe Kennedy is easy to remember!



Michael Allain  born Jan 12, 1960.  Michael last  played in the 1996 Golden Knights.

Jon Burgess of Mount Prospect, Illinois, died on August 12, 2012. 
Jon Burgess

Jon was an OTB Master, born May 2, 1977, who moved to the US from England.



Keith Holzmueller is Gold !

Scoring +3 =5 -0 IM Keith Holzmueller snagged the gold medal on Board 3 of the recently finished 18 Olympiad Preliminaries (The US Team qualified second).  In the following game Keith first uses Rook and Pawn to fight against Bishop and Knight, and then sacrifices the Rook to queen a Pawn and win with Queen vs. two pieces.  All very instructive!



 Quote: One of the most romanticized versions of chess is correspondence chess - Edward Scimia


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The fight for the center in the middle of this game makes for exciting and instructive play.



Some exciting chess gets played online.  Here are two electronic gladiators slugging it out.



White's two Rooks just can't get their motors started.



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