World Champion Anand to Play "Vote Chess" vs the World
By Daniel Rensch   
August 1, 2012
World Champion Viswanathan Anand will play a match against the World via's "Vote Chess" platform on August 13th 2012 at 10:30 AM PST. LLC and Metropolitan Chess, Inc have partnered up to make this amazing event possible. 

Anand will be the head instructor at the Metro Chess Invitational Chess Camp from August 9th through 13th in Los Angeles. He will conclude his activities by playing a Simultaneous Exhibition the morning of August 13th against a small group of lucky individuals. One of the boards in the Simul will belong to the Community as they vote in their suggested move for a relayer to play on the actual board for Anand as he moves from board to board during the Simul.

The World Champion will play the white pieces. The World will have 5 minutes to vote on their move choice. Anand will also have 5 minutes to make his move; however, he may be alloted more time if he is unable to make his way around the "Live Simul" in time. Metropolitan Chess, Inc will have a relayer at the board dedicated solely to monitoring the game, and relaying the World's voted chess move.

Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand will join a prestigious list of previous Vote Chess match players on -- though he is by far the most prominent chess figure (and strongest player) to ever compete in a Vote Chess game, as well as the first World Champion. This format of the event, ie a Vote Chess Match played by the World Champion vs the World in a "Simul setting" is also the first of its kind.

IM Daniel Rensch will cover the entire match live on along with other special guests. It's also possible that some of the other "more interesting" games from Anand's Simul in L.A. will be relayed to's Live Play Server for members to observe during the match.