Strong Field Assembled for US Cadet in Maryland
By Michael Regan   
June 11, 2012
cadetlead.jpgThe Maryland Chess Association with be hosting the 2012 US Cadet Championship from July 21-23 at the Rockville Hilton in Rockville, Maryland. The Cadet is an invitational tournament for the top US players under the age of 16. The top eight players will be playing a round robin tournament to determine the champion. The winner will receive a four-year scholarship to UMBC. In addition, the top three players will receive free entry into the Washington International that starts a few days after the end of the Cadet.

The players in this year's tournament are:

  • Aleksandr Ostrovskiy (2426)
  • Michael Bodek (2407)
  • Christopher Gu (2364)
  • James Black (2349)
  • Joshua Colas (2345)
  • Justus Williams (2343)
  • David Hua (2329)
  • Christopher Wu (2295)

  • Only 130 ratings points separate the top from the bottom. So, all the games will be competitive. The games will be at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on July 21-23 and at 10 a.m. on July 24. The standings, pairings, and live games will be at

    The Cadet is the first tournament of five tournaments that the MCA will be running over a period of 15 days, the Maryland Chess Summer. It will be followed by the Washington International Blitz on July 27th, the Washington International from July 28-Aug 1, the Platonov Memorial also from July 28 - Aug 1, and the Potomac Open from August 3 - 5. All the tournaments will be at the Rockville Hilton, and all of them will have pairings, standings and live game coverage on and at the above links.