Medal Contenders in Mexico City
June 4, 2012
After six rounds and three days at the North American Youth Chess Championship here in Mexico City, US players look forward to the final day with anticipation. The day started with the customary Sunday closing of Reforma Street in front of our hotel so that families could bike, ride and jog through downtown.  

The player of the day was Joaquin Perkins of California, the only player with a perfect 6.0 score entering the final round. Pranav Senthilkumar, also from California has 5.5 entering the 7th round.  Several of the girls are also fighting for medals including Chenyi Zhao, Ashritha Eswaran, and even WCM Claudia Munoz.  The picture will be clearer at the end of the final round so stay tuned.

Here are the score for the US players as we enter the final round.

U8 Girls

Aksithi Eswaran  3.0/6

U10 Girls

Chenyi Zhao 4.5/6

U12 Girls

Ashritha Eswaran 5.0/6

U14 Girls

Kristen Sarna 3.0/6

U16 Girls

WCM Claudia Munoz 3.0/6

U8 Boys

Joaquin Perkins 6.0/6

U10 Boys

Pranav Senthilkumar 5.5/6

U12 Boys

Alexander Hemmat 3.5/6
Anirudh Seela 3.0/6