Open Letter on Ilyumzhinov's Visit to Chicago
By Bill Hall   
May 2, 2012
To: the FIDE Presidential Board
Re: Open Letter in objection to the recent Chicago visit 

Dear FIDE Leadership Team, 

The USCF Executive Board passed a motion this morning, with a vote of 7-0, directing me to convey our concerns related to FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's recent activities in Chicago, Illinois. The text of the motion is below: 

The USCF is deeply concerned about FIDE President Ilyumzhinov's recent visit to Chicago and the resulting press coverage on the FIDE website, due to the fact that President  Ilyumzhinov discussed a US National Championship event with Chicago organizers without USCF participation. Put simply, this is a step in the wrong direction as it shows a complete disregard for the authority of all national federations and is against the interests of the great game of chess, both worldwide and in the United States. 

We were surprised and disappointed that FIDE did not use this visit by President  Ilyumzhinov as an opportunity to work with USCF as a partner. We wish to make it clear that we expect any future discussion relating to FIDE Involvement in a US-based project must include approval by and integral involvement of the USCF. 

The only persons authorized to represent the USCF in negotiations with FIDE on matters involving chess are President Ruth Haring, Executive Director Bill Hall, FIDE Delegate Michael Khodarkovsky and Zonal President Francisco Guadalupe. 

FIDE's motto is "Gens una sumus" or "We are one family." In that spirit, the USCF sent a large delegation to the 2011 FIDE Congress in Krakow, Poland, expending significant resources to strengthen the relationship between FIDE and the USCF. To this end, we expect FIDE to respect the rights of the national federations and remember its own motto. In the future, we fully expect FIDE to seek approval from the appropriate USCF officials of the United States national federation, as designated herein pertaining to any and all planned chess related activities in the United States. 


Bill Hall