Dean Ippolito Hosts Checkmate Progeria Challenge
April 5, 2012
Zoey225.jpgIM Dean Ippolito will host a series of simultaneous exhibitions on April 22 at the Dean of Chess Academy in Branchburg, NJ to raise funds for The Progeria Research Foundation. In each round, ten boards will be played against State Champion Dean Ippolito per hour. All funds raised and all sale proceeds from that day will be donated to The Progeria Research Fund. 

Progeria is a rare fatal genetic condition which currently affects 80 children in the world. Most people know of it as the rapid aging disease. One of Dean's best friends from childhood has a niece who is one of those 80 children with progeria.

Zoey is currently 2 years old but will face a life challenged by age related problems, including growth failure, loss of body fat and hair, aged skin, hip dislocation, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Her life expectancy at this time is 13 years. She and her family have been doing all they can since the diagnosis to bring awareness of the disease to the general public. They have organized many charity events and have helped to raise over $40,000 this year for the Progeria Research Center.

Progeria is caused by progerin which is a protein which is also linked to normal aging. Many scientists believe that this research on children with progeria will help lead to better ways to fight other age related diseases. You can be sure that all of your donation will go to research studies which will lead to better ways to fight and hopefully cure progeria. The research which is done will also benefit all of us as scientists find better ways to fight the aging process and age-related diseases.

Please check out for more information about Zoey, her team and progeria.

**All proceeds from products sold at Dean of Chess Academy on April 22 will go directly to The Progeria Research Foundation.

Zoey400.jpgDean will face 10 "teams" every hour from 9:00am until 1:00pm at Dean of Chess Academy in a simultaneous exhibition. A team can be made up of one, two or three players. There is a maximum of 3 players per team. Rounds will start at 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am and 12:00pm. Each participant can play alone or with one or two teammate(s). The entry fee is $35 per person (a team of 3 people will cost $105). Entry is free for any person or team who raises more than $250

Each individual or team is encouraged to seek sponsors for their attempt. We are offering the following prizes for sponsorship:
Any team that raises over $3000 will receive free classes at the Dean of Chess Academy or in one of our participating schools for 6 months.
Any team that raises over $1000 will receive a king membership to the Dean of Chess Academy for 1 year ($360 value).
Any team that raises over $750 will receive entry into all Dean of Chess Academy tournaments for 1 year.
Any team that raises over $500 will receive a pawn membership to the Dean of Chess Academy for 1 year ($120 value).
Any team that raises over $100 will receive a membership or year extension ($50 value).
All members of a team will receive the prize(s) that the team earns.

Each team must be present at the starting time to play. Teams will choose a team captain to make the final move, but all players may discuss which move is best. Each team must move once Dean is in front of them. Each team will receive one 'pass' which means Dean will skip that board and go to the next. Teams cannot pass more than once.

Since August 2010, Team Zoey has raised $842,429. Their goal for this year is $500,000. Your Team sponsor can contribute directly by clicking on the 2012 link. Mention a team member's name in the comments section.
All individuals and team members will be entered into special drawings for chess prizes including chess sets, boards, books and software.

Any team that wins or draws against Dean will receive a special prize. If you can't be a part of the event but wish to donate, please go to

Thank you for your support and see the event page on the Dean of Chess homepage for further information.