Chess Queen Kosteniuk on Chess King
March 4, 2012
Former World Women's Champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk talks about a new software product she endorses, Chess King.

The instructional software incorporates Houdini 2 and is available on USCF Sales.  You can also find over a dozen tutorial videos by Steve Lopez on Youtube. Chess King creator Diego Garces told CLO: "It's both simple and extremely reasonably priced at $49 ($50 off from list $99) and super powerful since it has Houdini 2 the strongest engine and GigaKing database with 5 million games. It has over 1500 puzzles and lots of playing modes, including an exclusive 'random' mode that is super fun."

You can also find ChessKing at and on twitter and facebook. Also be sure you are following @USChess and