Giving Class Players Their Due
By Daniel Lucas, Editor, Chess Life   
March 1, 2012
slideUSCFflag.jpgChess Life is soon introducing a new column, "Faces Across the Board," that will highlight class-level players who have reached a notable chess milestone or accomplishment. Did you win your class section for the first time? Did you defeat a titled player? Have you started a chess initiative in your home town? These are just some of the reasons why you could be selected to appear in this column.

You must be a current class-level player or have been a class-level player at the time of your achievement (rating of 1999 or below).

If you wish to be considered or to suggest someone to us, please send a brief supporting statement to [email protected]. Include your email address, phone number, and a high-resolution photo (head-and-shoulders or profile picture required). If we find your story intriguing you will be contacted by Al Lawrence who will be writing this column for us. Lawrence is currently president of the Chess Journalists of America, is a frequent Chess Life contributor, and is a former executive director of the USCF.