Chess Openings: A Crash Course From the World Amateur Team
By US Chess Scoop   
February 23, 2012
Jason Smiles asks participants at the 2012 World Amateur Team Championship and US Amateur Team East in Parsippany, New Jersey about their favorite openings. Features GM Alejandro Ramirez (who will be playing in the US Chess Championship for the first time this year), IM Greg Shahade, NM Laura Ross, IM David Vigorito (who has written many chess opening books and has a new book on the Dragon), NM Andrew Wang, Emily Tallo and more.  

Also see Jason Smiles piece last year from the World Amateur Team  and see Al Lawrence's wrap-up report,“Forking with Tebow’s Knights” Avoids Mate to Win USATE. Greg Shahade recently wrote a piece for CLO on chess opening books --look for his installment on creating an opening repertoire in the next week.