Best of CLO 2011: #6- Hilton on Chess Cosmpolitanism
By CLO   
January 26, 2012
Hilton225.jpgThe #6 article in Best of CLO 2011 is Hilton on Chess Cosmopolitanism by Jonathan Hilton. Judges praised Hilton's clear voice and inspiring perspective on travel and chess.

Jonathan Hilton has written dozens of articles for CLO and Chess Life Magazine and over one hundred articles in print. His most recent CLO contribution was Hilton on Immigrant Life in Belgium: Part I. Jonathan also wrote a piece, "Remembering Jerry" in the current (January 2012) issue of Chess Life Magazine. Login as a member to read it in pdf viewer.

Hilton also co-authored with IM Dean Ippolito a series of books on the repertoire of the late Grandmaster, Aleksander Wojtkiewicz, Wojo's Weapons. The books, published by Mongoose Press, stemmed from a six-part series by Jonathan on CLO. One of those original CLO pieces finished tenth in Best of CLO 2007! Find Part I and Part II at USCF Sales.

Hilton also placed in the 2010 Best of CLO competition for "Hilton on Not Playing the Pan-Ams."

The Judges Sound Off
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Hilton's article combines a uniquer perspective in the chess world that I just believe not too many people have. How many times do you hear of a traveling expert that compares the nuances and quirks of chess cultures in many different countries? A lovely article- GM Alejandro Ramirez

I [enjoyed] this article mainly because of how it made me feel after reading it, rather than for its style or journalistic value.  It felt like the best cure to the depression I sometimes get when confronted to the superficiality and stupidity that so often invades the web.

For me it’s simply refreshing and beautiful to learn that there is a young man out there capable of experiencing life and chess in such a deep and intense way and willing to share his experiences, analysis and thoughts with the others.  

Jonathan is open enough to understand and welcome the diversity of cultures around the world and at the same time intelligent and profound to search for (and find) common things that unite us.
His continuous  search inside and outside himself is interesting, inspiring and intriguing  (and yes, I have a weakness for alliteration). I only hope that he keeps on being such a prolific writer and share with us his adventurous and thought-provoking way of living the game we love-- Janis Nisii

Nice intro:  modest but also confident.   I liked the “growing-up” type story.  Hilton’s ideas about people (chess players) being the same everywhere is thoughtful and appealing.  I thought maybe I’d hear some Spanish conversation, though!—Jessica Era Prescott

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