Life Master, Kevin 'Kirby' Burnett, Appears on Jeopardy!
By WIM Dr. Alexey Root   
January 24, 2012
On yesterday's (January 23, 2012) Jeopardy episode, host Alex Trebek introduced one of the contestants, Kirby Burnett, as both poker dealer and a chessplayer. Trebek said that those seemed very different professions. Trebek asked the contestant, Kirby Burnett, if poker and chess were opposites since there is luck in poker. Burnett answered that you have to manage your luck at poker. Both games, said Burnett, use strategy. You can find Kevin Burnett's MSA link here (Confirmation pending), who also seems to go by "Kirby" in poker circles--see his Hendon Mob link.

Before the final jeopardy question, Burnett, with $15,600, trailed the defending champion ($17,200) and the other contestant ($16,400). They each sealed bids and then had to answer the following: 

This volunteer group was born in May, 1898 near the bar at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas and lasted for only 133 days.

Burnett was the only contestant to correctly answer, "Who are the rough riders?" 

He bet $12,000 so finished the day with $27,600. Second place was the defending champion, who dropped to $799 and the other contestant finished with $2.

Look for Burnett tonight, January 24, to see if he can win against new challengers in another episode of Jeopardy.