Nakamura: Two Wins in a Row in Tata Steel
By CLO   
January 20, 2012
HikaruslideWAZ.jpgSince Macauley Peterson's Wednesday article, Nakamura and Kamsky Looking for a WAZ win, GM Hikaru Nakamura has notched two wins in a row. He now has a plus score at Tata Steel Chess (January 13-29, Wijk aan Zee) with 3.5/6. First he defeated David Navara and today, Boris Gelfand. 



Levon Aronian leads with 4.5/6 while US Champion Gata Kamsky stands with 2/6.

Find an index of photos by Fred Lucas from Wijk aan Zee on the official website, including one with Hikaru wearing a Black and White wig. The symbolism is clear from the two wins above.

Find more information on and look for a final wrap-up by GM Ian Rogers.