27th North American Masters Set for Dec 26-30
By Sevan Muradian   
December 14, 2011
The 27th North American Masters will take place from Dec 26 through Dec 30, 2011 at the North Shore Chess Center located in Skokie, IL.

The North American Masters tournament series began in 2005 with the goal of offering opportunities for North American players to achieve their internationally recognized titles as bestowed by FIDE, the World Chess Federation. Since it's inception dozens of players have achieved one, two or all three norms required for their titles such as GM Ben Finegold, GM Pascal Charbonneau, IM Marc Arnold, and many others.

The 27th edition will showcase the use of a new pairing system known as the Schiller System, created by FM Eric Schiller. The Schiller System is a team based event where participants will compete against everyone NOT on their own team. This system is experimental and has the approval by the Chairman of the Qualification Commission for FIDE.

The event will have 12 participants, with 9 seeking their titles. The participants are:

  • GM Mesgen Amanov - TKM - 2524
  • IM Angelo Young - PHI - 2350
  • IM Arjun Vishnuvardhan - IND - 2308
  • FM Eric Rosen - USA - 2305
  • FM Aung Thant Zin - MYA - 2300
  • FM Gauri Shankar - IND - 2274
  • FM Dan Wolf - ISR - 2259
  • FM Nikhilesh Kumar - IND - 2249
  • FM Albert Chow - USA - 2205
  • NM Matthew Waller - USA - 2257
  • NM Adarsh Jayakumar - USA - 2197
  • NM Trevor Magness - USA - 2154

The teams are broken down as follows:

Team 1  - Zin, Kumar, Magness
Team 2 - Rosen, Shankar, Jayakumar
Team 3 - Amanov, Young, Vishnuvardhan
Team 4 - Wolf, Chow, Waller

The event specifics are:
9 rounds
Game 90 + 30/sec increment
Round times of 1pm and 6pm Monday through Thursday and 1pm on Friday (all times Chicago)
A score of 6.5/9 for an IM norm is required

We are currently working on having some, if not all games broadcasted with a potential live video feed as well. Check back on the official website for more information.