Kekelidze New Marshall Club Champ; Wu Second
November 3, 2011
GM Mikheil Kekelidze took clear first at the Marshall Chess Club Championship, held over two weekends (October 21-30). Mikheil scored seven points, including a final round win that netted him the full first place prize of $2000.


12-year-old Christopher Wu came 2nd place earning $1000. He also gained almost 70 rating points and topped the 2200 barrier!


Wu had a very good shot at first place, but he lost his final game to FM Aleksandr Ostrovskiy.


Over the first weekend, the US Chess Scoop visited the Marshall Championships and interviewed FM Asa Hoffman (4.5 points),  FM Brian Hulse (4.5 points) and NM Justus Williams (3.5 points). If you didn't see the video before, watch it below. Also see full crosstables on the Marshall Chess Club website and USCF rated results on MSA.