Eliza McIntosh, Chessplayer, Attempts World Record for Longest Ever Wheelie
By Utah Chess Association   
September 26, 2011
Eliza.jpgMore chess associations are using their clout to support charitable causes.  An upcoming example is the "Go Eliza!!!" chess tournament sponsored by the Utah Chess Association.    

Eliza McIntosh, a high school USCF chess player (1547), plans to make history on Oct. 8th by breaking the world record for the longest continuous "arm-powered" wheelie in a wheelchair.    Before birth, specialists predicted that Eliza would not survive. Although she requires continual use of a wheelchair, she continues to surprise.  She is a former Utah representative to the prestigious Polgar National Invitational (sponsored by Grandmaster Susan Polgar) and the current Utah State Class C chess champion as well as the state high school 4A oratory champion.   But this month she is focused on raising money for Utah's first nationally competitive youth wheelchair basketball team. All money raised will be donated to Eliza's wheelchair basketball team, the Junior Wheelin' Jazz.  

At chess tournaments, Eliza often sits in wheelie position in her wheelchair.  "I don't really even think about it." One day she was surfing the internet and stumbled across an article about a World Record for longest wheelie in a wheelchair and had the thought, "I wonder if I could beat it?" The current record is 10.016 miles, held by a young man from Wisconsin.  Turns out that Eliza can do better.  A lot better. As a matter of fact, she has already broken that record (unofficially) at least once, in her preparations for the big day.  This feat lasted over 3 hours!  What is it that has helped her hone her skills of concentration?

Chess has taught her the value of staying focused and pushing her mental and physical endurance.  "I plan to smash that record and hopefully raise a lot of money for others like me."  A sports wheelchair costs over $3000.  There are not a lot of wheelchair basketball teams, so every tournament requires out of state travel.  "A lot of kids can't afford it; I want to change that. I want them to be able to have every opportunity available to enhance their skills." The Utah Chess Association invites you to be a part of this historic and impressive world record attempt, by supporting Eliza in her effort to raise money for her team. 

Individuals, companies, schools, and all willing chess organizations and chess players,may give their support by making a tax deductable donation at   www.jr.wheelinjazz.com    Click  on "Donate 2 Jrs". Every dollar received goes directly to the Neuroworx Junior Wheelin' Jazz program.  The "Will to Wheelie" event on October 8th will start at 8:30 a.m. at the East High Track in Salt Lake City.     The "Go Eliza" tournament will be held the same day.  Tournament info will soon be posted at  www.utahchess.com