Ruth Haring New USCF President
By Bill Hall   
September 6, 2011

In conjunction with this year's US Open in Orlando, the United States Chess Federation elected the officers for the USCF Executive Board for the 2011 to 2013 terms. Officers are as follows:

President - Ruth Haring
Vice President - Gary Walters
Vice President of Finance - Allen Priest
Secretary - Mike Nietman

At Large Members are:
Bill Goichberg
Jim Berry
Michael Atkins

The USCF Executive Board consists of seven members elected by the USCF membership and is charged with oversight of the Federation between annual meetings of the USCF Board of Delegates.  This year three seats were up for election in July for three year terms with four candidates vying for the positions. 

Results were as follows:
Gary Walters                1,596
Mike Nietman               1,573
Allen Priest                   1,552
Sevan Muradian            406

For more information about the USCF Executive Board see

Additional USCF Contact information:

Ruth Haring, USCF President and FIDE Head of Delegation: [email protected]
Bill Hall, USCF Executive Director: [email protected]
Pat Smith, Assistant Executive Director: [email protected]
Joe Nanna, Chief Financial Officer: [email protected]
Michael Khodarkovsky, US Delegate to FIDE: [email protected]
Francisco Guadalupe, Zone 2.1 Zonal President: [email protected]

Bill Hall
Executive Director
United States Chess Federation