The Scoop on the New York International
June 23, 2011
IM Robert Hungaski earned his second Grandmaster norm on his way to winning the New York International, held from June 17-22 at St. John's University. The season of Internationals is in full swing- besides Robert, Kassa Korley and Aleksandr Ostrovskiy earned IM norms. The US Chess Scoop was on hand to talk to Robert as well as IM Marc Arnold, IM Jay Bonin, Kassa Korley Aleksandr Ostrovskiy and Darrian Robinson.

Hungaski told CLO that his favorite game was his quick win against GM Alexander Shabalov.


It was also impressive to see Robert fight for a win against Parker Zhao, even though he had already clinched at least a tie for first and a GM norm.


Expect to see more norm hunting at the Philadelphia International, which starts on Friday 6/24, preceding the World Open.

Click here to see the Shahade blitz match which Hungaski mentions above. Also check the Marshall Chess Club website for more information on the New York International including complete final standings.