Denker and Barber Fields Nearly Set
By Dewain Barber   
June 16, 2011
The field of participants in the 2011 Denker Tournament of High School Champions and the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions is nearly set. Both events will be held in Orlando, from July 30 to August 2.  Each separate tournament will bring together the Champions of each state to compete for scholarship prize money and in the case of the Denker, a college scholarship provided by the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Denker Tournament is in its 27th year and the Barber Tournament will inaugurate a new opportunity for young people to play and represent their state in a national invitational.

Below you will find the current confirmed and nominated persons with a few open states. Any resident of an open state who was in Grades 9-12 last year (Denker) and Grades K-8 (Barber) are free to contact [email protected] and ask to be considered.  Go to and/or for further details. 

The US Open and US Junior Girls Open will also take place in Orlando. Also keep and bookmarked to stay posted.

Barber List of Participants (N=Nominated C=Confirmed)
State N/C Name
Alaska N Zachary Redwine
Arizona C Nicolas Johnston
Arkansas C Srikar Chikkala
California-N. C Neel Apte
California-S. C Michael W. Brown
Colorado C Jackson Chen
Connecticut C Kapil Chandran
DC N Isabel James
Florida C Jared Lassner
Florida-altHold N Cory Riegelhaupt
Georgia C Benjamin Moon
Hawaii C Ford Nakagawa
Illinois C Zachary Holecek
Indiana C Sean Vibbert
Iowa C Kushan Tyagi
Kansas C Tony R. Cheng
Kentucky C Gilman Bagga
Louisiana C Botao Shan
Maine C Matthew Fishbein
Maryland C Bendeguz Offertaler
Massachusetts C Grant Y. Xu
Michigan C Peter Chen
Minnesota C Andrew Tang
Mississippi N James Zheng
Missouri C Kevin Y. Cao
Montana C Conrad Lee
Nebraska C Brandon Li
Nevada N Ishan Saran
New Hampshire C Coby O'Young
New Jersey C Arthur Shen
New Mexico C Albert Zuo
New York C Justus Williams
North Carolina C Kevin Bell Chen
North Dakota    
Ohio C Abhinov Ramaswamy
Oregon N David Wen
Pennsylvania N Gregory Whitehorn
Rhode Island C Christopher Gu
South Carolina C Kevis Tsao
South Dakota N Michael Knudson
Tennessee C Nicholas Tomlin
Utah C Harrison Unruh
Vermont C Gabriel "Gabe" Katz
Virginia C Jeevan Karamsetty
Washington C Nicolo Gelb
West Virginia C Advait Patel
Wisconsin C Brady Harder
Denker List of Participants (N=Nominated C=Confirmed)

Alabama C Jeffrey Byrd
Alaska C Hannah Warren
Arizona C Nick Thompson
Arkansas C Alexander Wolf
California N. C Nicholas Karas
California S. C Vincent Huang
Colorado C Rhett Langseth
Connecticut C Harrison B.Wheeler
Delaware N Michael Pergeorelis
DC C Patrick Ellsworth
Florida C Nicholas Rosenthal
Florida-Alt. N Andy C. Wang
Georgia C Ryan Joseph Moon
Hawaii C Stephen Mau
Idaho C Carl Harmon-Vellotti
Illinois C Trevor Magness
Indiana C Daniel B. Gater
Iowa C Matt Anzis
Kansas C William A. Hodel
Kentucky N Alex Hamilton
Louisiana C Kyle Hecker
Maine C Keji Xu
Maryland C Tanner McNamara
Massachusetts C Andrew C. Wang
Michigan C Michael Bowersock
Minnesota C Michael Yang
Mississippi C Matthew Riddle
Missouri C Jialin Ding
Montana  C Michael Martell
Nebraska C Zitian Zhang
Nevada N Raymond Seid
New Hampshire C Kevin Ma
New Jersey C Andrew Shvartsman
New Mexico C Jeffrey Serna
New York N Ben Gershenov
North Carolina C Samuel Xin
North Dakota C Matthew Koppinger
Ohio C Michael Vilenchuk
Oklahoma C Stephen Gehly
Oregon C Aaron Pikus
Pennsylvania N William Fisher
Rhode Island C Stuart Finney
South Carolina C Daniel A. Caiello
South Dakota C Jerry Casteel
Tennessee C Graham Horobetz
Texas C Bob Shao
Utah C Joshua Haley
Vermont C David Ro
Virginia C Eric Most
Washington C David Golub
West Virginia C Sidhartha Parhi
Wisconsin C Matthias Melcher