Hikaru Strikes Back in Bazna
June 12, 2011
Photo Cathy Rogers

In round two of the Bazna Kings (June 11-22) tournament in Medias, Romania, US #1 Hikaru Nakamura defeated Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu in a persistent effort to play for a win. After his loss to Carlsen yesterday, Nakamura is now on 1-1.


GM Nakamura talked to GM Ian Rogers about the game: (Ian will contribute a full report to CLO later in the event.)

I was expecting the position to end in a draw but I got a break with 40...Nd7 - after 40...Na4 I was probably going to agree a draw soon. His 50...Nf4 move was ridiculous; he should go back to ...f6. However maybe he could still have held if he didn't exchange pawns on g4. I thought I might be winning even if he had not played 60...f3, though it was an unpleasant surprise for me and if I didn't have 61.Kg3 I might be losing! 

Ivanchuk and Carlsen drew today, so they still share the lead with 1.5/2 each. Tomorrow, Nakamura plays GM Sergey Karjakin with Black.  Also check out a video of the press conference from Macauley Peterson for the official website:   
 See full pairings here and follow the games at 8:30 EST each morning on the official website or on the ICC. Also look for a midway report by GM Ian Rogers.