Meet the Youngest African-American Master, Joshua Colas
March 9, 2011
The US Chess Scoop caught up with 12-year-old NM Joshua Colas at the US Amateur Team East, where he talked about breaking the record for the youngest-ever African-American master (previously held by Justus Williams) and his goals for the future.

Joshua Colas first topped 2200 at a Four Rated Games tonight event at the Marshall Chess Club on December 16th, after which he received a National Master certificate from the USCF. Since then Joshua's rating has been affected by a re-rate, an upward swing that brought him up to 2245 and a recent slump that we trust he'll recover from in short order.

Here is one of Joshua's recent games, an exciting draw against a previous keeper of the record for the youngest African-American master, Kassa Korley. This game was contested at a celebratory tournament for Justus Williams breaking 2200, held at the Marshall Chess Club.