Best of CLO 2010 #10
January 18, 2011
Jonathan Hilton
The #10 article in the 2010 Best of CLO competition is author and chess master Jonathan Hilton's, Hilton on Not Playing the Pan-Ams. The story explores the challenges of college chess, a subject that was also taken up recently by 2010 Pan-American organizer Alex Betaneli in the Charm & Anguish of the Pan-Ams: An Organizer's Summary. Jonathan's title is a play off a previous popular article he wrote as a high-school student, Hilton on Not Winning Nationals

Jonathan wrote a two part series in February 2010 on how chess helped him connect with other cultures, Hilton in the Big Classroom. Part I covered his trip to Nicaragua and Part II is set in Mexico. Jonathan updated readers with his changing relationship to chess over the summer in Hilton on Arriving in Valley Forge. 

It's easy to forget Hilton is just 20 years old when looking at his resume. He is the co-author of the book series, How Wojo Won (Mongoose Press), which started as a six-part series on CLO. For a real blast from the past, it's interesting to note that one of these parts on the Sicilian also finished tenth in Best of CLO 2007!  Jonathan has had over one hundred articles in print, including many for Chess Life Magazine.  See his magazine article Czechmate, a story on the World Open which showed how foreign players influence American chess.  

Jonathan is currently a student at the University of Cincinatti. He is also the chairman of the USCF Publications committee and an active member of the Chess Journalists of America.

The Judges Sound Off
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A poignant memoir-like account. Hilton works in great personal details- Howard Goldowsky 

A powerful and moving piece by Hilton. The words are filled with the bouquet of emotions ranging from the pain of losing a close chess friend, frustration of lack of competitive chess, joy of helping others with learning chess and hope of return to chess. Being a strong and aspiring chess player he entered the college and faced the challenge of managing chess and heavy school's curriculum. I am hoping that Hilton's return to the competitive chess will come soon and that he will continue treating us with a great quality writing such as this piece is—Iryna Zenyuk

Entertaining article with some funny bits...—Arne Moll

Best of CLO 2010 Countdown
#10- Hilton on Not Winning the Pan Ams by Jonathan Hilton