Time for SPICE Cup at Texas Tech
October 28, 2010
GM Alexander Onischuk, Photo Suzy Gorman for CCSCSL
The SPICE Cup (October 28-November 7) has begun at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Participants in the "A" group (a double round robin) include GMs Zoltan Almasi (Hungary), Alexander Onischuk (USA), Wesley So (Phillipines), Georg Meier (Germany) and American GMs Ray Robson and Eugene Perelshteyn.  The B group (a single round robin) features GMs Davorin Kuljasevic, Ben Finegold, Gergely Antal (Hungary), Andre Diamant (Brazil), GM Anatoly Bykhovsky (Israel), American IMs Irina Krush, Bryan Smith, Dean Ippolito, Danny Rensch and FM Darwin Yang. See schedule and complete participant lists here and enjoy live games on Monroi.com.