GM Robert Hess on Top of the Boardwalk Open
October 25, 2010
GM Robert Hess topped the new CCA event, the Boardwalk Open (October 22-24) in Asbury Park, NJ with 4.5/5. Hess took home $1428 for his efforts. Robert's crucial win was over GM Aleksandr Lenderman in round four.


GM Mark Paragua and IM Justin Sarkar tied for 2nd with 4/5. In another interesting game,  NM Edward Allen (2200)  upset IM Mikhail Zlotnikov (2376)-- finishing the tournament with 3½-1½ and taking home the $813 Under 2300 prize in the process.


TD Steve Immitt told CLO that the atmosphere on the boardwalk was ideal. "The weather was great (on Sunday) and the hotel is right on the can see Atlantic Ocean from your hotel room. "

Also notable was the Under 1200 Section winner, Henry Olynik, who is legally blind (coverage of the recently concluded 2010 US Blind Chess Championships here.)

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