Kamsky Wins Baku Open
September 1, 2010
Our US Champion, GM Gata Kamsky won clear first at the Baku Open (August 23-31) with 7.5/9. He lost in round six to GM Mamedov but came back with three wins in a row!





The effort netted Kamsky the first prize of $10,000. For more information see news.az or The Week in Chess, where you can also download the complete pgn file.
Kamsky and Nakamura's recent international coups in Mainz, Amsterdam and now Baku bodes well for our Open Olympiad team.

The top four boards of the US Olympic team pictured in a Final Four US Championship photo shoot by Suzy Gorman for the CCSCSL. June Chess Life cover star GM Robert Hess fills out the squad.