July 15, 2010
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ST LOUIS, MO -- In celebration of the 2010 U.S. Women’s Chess Championship,
the nonprofit organization 9 Queens is partnering with Goddesschess to award $1000 to the winner of the “Fighting Chess” award. Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, reigning Women’s World Chess Champion, will select the prizewinner whose performance in the U.S. Women’s Chess Championship exudes determination, confidence and character under pressure. The prize will be announced on July 20th during the tournament awards ceremony at the Saint Louis University John Cook School of business.

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, conducting a 9queens simul last year in Tucson

"I'm so glad that 9Queens and Goddesschess are promoting and celebrating
fighting spirit among female chess players, and look forward to enjoying the
beautiful and skillful display of chess mastery at the US Women's
Championships," said Grandmaster Kosteniuk. Kosteniuk is also updating her blog, press releases and photos on the US Women's Championship. 

Both 9 Queens and Goddesschess are organizations dedicated to encouraging
more women and girls to play chess. Since 2007, Goddesschess has been
awarding prizes to players in the U.S. Women’s Chess Championship. Last year
Anna Zatonskih won the Fighting Chess Award for her commitment to keep
fighting even after she clinched the tournament with her astounding 8.5/9 score.
“As part of Goddesschess' commitment to encouraging more girls and
to play chess, we are extremely pleased in 2010 to partner with 9 Queens to
sponsor a Fighting Chess Award of $1,000, the largest award yet, in keeping
with the prestige of this event,” explained Jan Newton official spokesperson from

In addition to the Fighting Chess Award, 9 Queens will also award a $400
scholarship to the best performing student under 25 in the tournament. The US
Women’s Chess Championship is taking place July 9-19 at the Chess Club and
Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. 

Visit for more details, and to listen daily to live commentary by GM Ben Finegold and 9 Queens co-founder Jen Shahade.