Liou Leads the 2010 Cadet Championship
By Alan Kantor   
July 15, 2010
Yian Liou faces off against David Adelberg
After the first day of the Cadet Championship (July 12-16, Crossville, TN), which featured only two decisive results, the players have begun their “fighting chess.”  It is still anyone’s tournament as the players are so tightly matched. No more than 50 rating points separates the highest rated from the lowest rated player. The morning round on Wednesday saw three wins by Black:

Round 3
Atulya Shetty 1 - 0 David Adelberg
Jarod Pamatmat 0 - 1 Adarsh Jayakumar
Aleksandr Ostrovskiy 0 - 1 Yian Liou
Ryan Joseph Moon 0 - 1 Michael Yang

Yian Liou, from California, won his second game of the day in round four, sending a message to the rest of the players that he wants the Championship. Michael Yang, from Minnesota, is trying to keep pace is also undefeated but had to settle for a draw in round four. 




But as history shows, the cadet players will not give up. After all, at the opening ceremony, J.H. Graham, the mayor of Crossville instructed them to “never give up!” The other win in the afternoon was Ryan Joseph Moon, from Georgia. Here are the results from the afternoon:

Round 4
David Adelberg ½ - ½ Jarod Pamatmat
Adarsh Jayakumar 0 - 1 Ryan Joseph Moon
Yian Liou 1 - 0 Atulya Shetty
Michael Yang ½- ½ Aleksandr Ostrovskiy

Standings After Round 4
Liou – 3
Yang – 2½
Adelberg, Ostrovskiy, Shetty – 2
Jayakumar, Moon, Pamatmat – 1½

Remember, you can catch all the games at 9 am and 4 pm Central each day at If you miss any of the action, you can look at the replay at the same place.