Vik(c)tors Top the World Open
July 5, 2010
loeklaz.jpg22-year-old Czech GM Viktor Laznicka won clear first at the World Open with 7.5/9. Viktor was a point ahead of the field going into the last round, and received the white pieces against GM Loek Van Wely. Van Wely tried a fighting Benoni, but offered a draw in a worse position (before time control.) Surprisingly, Laznicka declined the chance to clinch first ( and the prize money), and played on in a better position. The game ended in a draw anyway.


shenslide.jpgIn the tough Under 2400 section, New Jersey high school senior Victor Shen won clear first with 8/9, making it a good payday for Victors. 

Conrad Holt earned an IM norm, narrowly missing a GM norm by a half point. Tournament Director Walter Brown confirmed that Holt's was the only norm of the event.

Find more details on the official website. Later this week, look for more stories and US Chess Scoop videos from the scene.