Kamsky Tops Philadelphia Open
April 5, 2010
GMs Gata Kamsky, Ray Robson, Aleksander Stripunsky and Sergey Kudrin topped the Philadelphia Open with 7/9. Kamsky was declared the champ on tiebreak, and he earned a small cash bonus. Kamsky drew relatively quickly with Ehlvest to enter the winner's circle, while Stripunsky had a long uphill battle against Shabalov.


Ray Robson and Sergey Kudrin won against GM De Firmian and IM Shankland, respectively. Look for their thoughts on these key games in upcoming US Chess Scoop videos.

Alec Getz of New York and Jake Kleiman of Tennessee both earned their second IM norms.


See full standings, class winners, photos and links to games on the tournament homepage, Philadelphiaopen.net. See the first batch of Philadelphia Open US Chess Scoop videos here and look for the wrap-up scoops later this week.