Macnificent Games from the North American Masters
March 30, 2010
Mackenzie Molner
Check out three decisive games from the 25th North American Masters (Skokie, IL, March 20-24) from IM-elect Mackenzie Molner. Molner, who goes by "Mac", tied for first with GM Ben Finegold and earned his first GM norm. See more details on the event in the original CLO article.

The 21-year-old New York University Senior told CLO. "It was a really special tournament, and I felt like I got a few breaks when I needed it."

On the following game against Kolev, Mac said "Qg4 in this game was a blunder (because it allows Kf7 Qd7+Be7) but it's still winning, Qd5...wins immediately."


At the end of his game against Mitkov, who flagged in the final position, Mackenzie said, "I thought this game was interesting too because of my kind of bad opening, all of my pieces went to unnatural squares but somehow it still worked out."