Darwin Yang, 13, Earns First IM Norm
March 17, 2010
GM Julio Becerra and FM Darwin Yang, Photo Dujiu Yang
13-year-old Darwin Yang has secured his first IM norm in the Spring SPICE Cup at Texas Tech University! Darwin started out with 3/4 but lost two games in a row to GM Julio Becerra and IM Dean Ippolito. Just when it looked like things were rolling downhill, Darwin rebounded in round seven with a quick win with Black over GM Jesse Kraai.

GM Becerra is leading the event with a convincing 5/6.

IM Dean Ippolito went into round six with 4/6 so he needs 2/3 for the GM norm. He is currently playing IM Irina Krush. (The game ended in a draw, see updated round seven standings below.)

Darwin also has a chance for a GM norm, but he'll need to win his final two games against GM Finegold and IM Krush.


Congratulations to Darwin on this milestone! Also see a US Chess Scoop video interview with Darwin, conducted just before his 13th birthday.

You can watch the games live or play through previous games on Monroi or check back on CLO to see standings after round 7. Also stay posted on Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis GM-in-residence Ben Finegold's CCSCSL blog.

Spring SPICE Invitational
Standings after seven rounds

1. GM Julio Becerra- 5.5
2. IM Dean Ippolito- 4.5
3-5.  IM Gergely Antal,  FM Darwin Yang and GM Ben Finegold- 4.0
6. IM Gabor Papp-3.5
7. IM Davorin Kuljasevic-3.0
8.  FM Eric Hansen-2.5
9-10. IM Irina Krush and GM Jesse Kraai- 2.0