Americans Abroad Update: From Moscow to Iceland
February 17, 2010
The Aeroflot Open concluded with GM Gata Kamsky finishing on plus one, GM Alexander Shabalov on an even score and GM Jaan Ehlvest on minus one. Winning clear first was GM Quang Liem Le of Vietnam, with a 7/9 score. See the full crosstable on the Aeroflot chess website. 

Shabalov's last round win was an exciting 4.Qc2 Nimzo Indian with opposite-side castling.


Meanwhile, Bay Area players GM Vinay Bhat, IM Sam Shankland and FM Daniel Naroditsky are playing in another strong open, Cappelle La Grande, France. See the current crosstable here - Bhat has 4.5/6 while Daniel has 4/6 and Sam Shankland is on an even score. Shankland plans to continue chronicling his European adventures (see his Gibraltar update here) for CLO with a report on his French tour which will feature the Paris Blitz, Cappelle and an upcoming tournament in Cannes.

Cappelle Update 2/21/2010: Daniel Naroditsky just missed out on an IM norm, but scored 5.5/9 and a 2500+ TPR. GM Vinay Bhat finished with 6/9. IM Sam Shankland will report on his result in a future CLO story.

Next up for Americans abroad is the Reykjavik Open (Feb.24-Mar.3) Competing Americans include GMs Yury Shulman and Jaan Ehlvest, GM-elect Alex Lenderman, IM Irina Krush and FMs Andrei Zaremba and John Bick.