Carlsen Takes Lead in Corus
January 30, 2010
Magnus Carlsen took the lead in Corus "A" today, with a helping hand from World Champion Anand, who dispatched Vladimir Kramnik. Anand played a theoretical variation of the Petroff where Black ended up too passive, and Anand's pawn grab Bxc7 proved unexploitable.


Carlsen and Peter Leko drew without many fireworks.


US Champ Hikaru Nakamura had a nice position against Italian-American Fabiano Caruana, but not enough to win.


Smeets-Van Wely saw a pretty and brutal Sicilian win. If only Black could castle in the final position...


The critical game tomorrow is Carlsen-Caruana. If Magnus draws, he will tie for first, while a win will clinch clear first.

US Junior Champ Ray Robson is tied for second in the "C" group while GM Chao of China has already locked up first. In the "B" section, GM Varuzhan Akobian hopes to get on to the next tournament as soon as possible.

See GM Rogers' in-depth CLO report, The Hare and the Tortoise: GM Rogers on Corus. Follow the action on the official website, the Internet Chess Club (Tomorrow's game begins at 6:30 AM EST- CLO editor Jennifer Shahade will be hosting round 13 coverage with GM Gawain Jones), chessdom, chessbase, chessvibes and look for a tournament report by GM Rogers in an upcoming issue of Chess Life Magazine.