Best of CLO 2009: #9
January 20, 2010
GM Josh Friedel, Photo Betsy Dynako
The #9 Article in Best of CLO 2009 is Adventures of a Samford: Friedel on the 2009 US Champs by GM Josh Friedel. Judges praised Josh's ability to juggle humor with insightful analysis.
Friedel has been one of CLO's most prolific and popular bloggers since 2007 when he won the Samford Fellowship and began to travel abroad in search of GM norms.  His 2008 article, Finally a GM was also #9 in the 2008 Best of CLO contest. In 2007 Josh wrote two award-winning articles, Pruess Wins GM Norm in France Part I, and Part II and  Diary of a Samford Scholar, Part I and Part II.  

In 2009 Josh contributed, Josh Friedel on a Stylish Win but a Mediocre Result and Friedel on Missing Out in Brazil. Friedel even found time for dispatches from Siberia, where was competing in the prestigious World Cup Championship: GM Josh Friedel on the World Cup: A Long Road to Siberia  and All the Way to Siberia For This? Josh's first contribution of the new decade dealt with two very different tournament wins, Paths to The Top: GM Josh on Edmonton and Vegas. 

Josh also maintains a website where you can find out more about his biography and lessons. 

The Judges Sound Off
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Josh always writes in an entertaining, self-effacing style.  Josh writes articles about his events they way I wish I could.  A fascinating read.- GM Ben Finegold 

Great piece, it has lots of instructive, high-quality chess from a GM who can explain himself very well and write in an entertaining way.- Arne Moll 

Every game of his is presented, all with good comments/insights to each; an overall excellent read. Five stars- tiebreaker judge Mike Cornett  

Best of CLO 2009 Countdown

#9-  Adventures of a Samford: Josh on the 2009 US Champs by GM Josh Friedel 
#10-Interview with a Hall of Famer: GM John Fedorowicz  by WGM Jennifer Shahade