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In order to provide even better service, we are offering a "Frequently Asked Questions" area to address specific inquiries pertaining to chess clubs. If you have any questions which you need answered, please contact the Membership Department at the US Chess Federation (US Chess) office (931) 787-1234 or email [email protected]

Q: How do I find a club in my area?
On our homepage at uschess.org click on “Clubs & Tournaments” then “Chess Clubs” for an online directory of chess clubs affiliated with US Chess.

Q: Okay, what if I don’t find any club close by me?
Then why not start one. It is real easy.

Q: How do I start a chess club in my area or school?
It is real simple: you need a place and the players. Places to look for starting a club are bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, town halls, and recreation centers to name a few. Contact the Membership Department at the US Chess Federation (US Chess) office, (931) 787-1234 or email [email protected]. After you provide here with your mailing address you will be sent a chess club information packet. The packet of information offers information for becoming a club director; running US Chess rated tournaments, etc.

Q: How much does it cost for a chess club to become an affiliate (member) of US Chess?
$40.00 a year is the affiliate rate for clubs within the US. If your affiliate is located outside of the US please contact our membership department at 931-787-1234, #143.

Q: How do I get my club listed in the US Chess club directory?

A: Become a US Chess affiliate, set up a TD/A login for your affiliate and enter the information you want to have shown.

Q: How do I update my club directory listing?
Use the TD/Affiliate Support Area tool using your affiliate’s TD/A login.

Q: If my chess club runs US Chess rated events, how do we advertise?
Clubs can advertise their events in the Tournament Life section of Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids magazines. These inexpensive Tournament Life Announcements (TLAs) ads also appear on our website under “Clubs & Tournaments” – “Upcoming Tournaments”. For advertising details, costs & deadlines please refer to “Advertising” on our homepage at uschess.org.

Q: What is the meaning of the letters A, G, H, P, and T on materials that I receive from US Chess?
A = Regular affiliate
G = College affiliate
H = Scholastic affiliate (K-12)
P = Prison affiliate
T = State affiliate

Q: Are there additional US Chess Federation FAQs available?
Yes. Our index of "FAQ's" is offered on our homepage, uschess.org.