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Gelfand Joins Anand in Lead Print E-mail
By M. Peterson/ J.Shahade   
September 20, 2007
Boris Gelfand surprised the world with back-to-back wins vaulting him into a tie for first on Wednesday. At the press conference following his round 6 win over Morozevich, he was asked whether his subsequent match-ups versus Kramnik and Anand take on any new significance. Gelfand was coy, emphasizing that each game is important and that his position in the standings at this stage is inconsequential. [Play the video by Macauley Peterson!]

Morozevich played the Queen's Indian against Gelfand, and reached an uncomfortable endgame situation after 19.Nb5. After the normal 19...Kb8, White could play 20.Bxc5 bc5 21.d6 with a clear edge. Instead "Moro" decided to sacrifice the exchange with Rxe3 but was unable to hold the endgame which went downhill when Gelfand won his g-pawn.


Leko didn't get far against Anand's Ruy Lopez, leading to a disappointing 21 move draw. Kramnik-Aronian looked more promising but ended  abruptly in a soon to be bishops of opposite color middlegame. On the other hand, Grischuk and Svidler had a thrilling fight in the Semi-Slav which ended in perpetual check.




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