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September 30, 2014
GM Maurice Ashley talks on sports radio about the Millionaire Chess Open, kicking off next week and why chess has the potential for mass media attention.

Maurice also gave us a tour of the venue this summer:

CLO editor Jennifer Shahade talked on NPR and a poker radio show about why now is the time for chess to explode in popularity, touching on the Millionaire Chess Open as well as PokerStars sponsorship of major chess events, including the Isle of Man Chess International, a combined chess/poker tournament and the US Chess League.

The popular Slate article on the Sinquefield Cup by Seth Stevenson,
also mentioned the Millionaire Chess Open.

"For a $1,000 buy-in, anyone can enter the Millionaire Chess Open and take aim at a slice of its $1 million prize pool. There will be grandmasters there, and also some folks who barely know their Ruy Lopez from their Queen’s Gambit. Spots are still open in Vegas, if that’s the kind of mating you’re contemplating."

Follow the Millionaire Chess Open on its website, facebook page and twitter.