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Chevrolet Fireball Run Southern Excursion 2011 is coming to Crossville Print E-mail
By Joan Dubois   
September 13, 2011
The Chevrolet Fireball Run (fireballrun.com) Southern Excursion 2011 is a live “mission style” interactive game taking place on the open road. Fireball Run also incorporates motorsports inspired challenges. Think of it as adventure meets motoring. JJ Sanchez, who can be reached at (407) 224-5403, created Fireball Run in 2005 and they have since located 35 of America’s missing children with their annual, cross country motorsports missions! They distribute 75,000 missing children posters annually. The host cities are: Melbourne, FL; Peachtree City, GA; Knoxville, TN; Clarksville, TN; Anniston, AL; Gulfport, MS. Between these host cities the teams stop at various selected points of interest   – U.S. Chess Headquarters is one of them – located here in Crossville!

Some of the notables who may be in the group coming to the U.S. Chess Federation include: Geoff Bodine, Daytona 500 winner & NASCAR Legend; Winston Scott, Space Shuttle Astronaut; Scott Newitt, co-founder of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka; Doc Harmony, Celebrity Holistic Doctor – just to mention a few. JJ Sanchez and the film crew will be joined by Announcer Ron Seggi, the “Johnny Carson of Radio”!

National mission is to help find America’s missing children. 36 “race” cars start from Orlando, Florida, 18 have the mission of locating the U.S. Chess Federation. Along their 2500 mile cross country adventure they will distribute 1000 posters over the 18 cities.  The entire event (8-day motion picture) will be filmed live and viewable from their website. After the race concludes the edited version will be produced into a movie and shown in theatres all across the U.S. The movie will also be produced on a dvd.

The race begins Friday, September 23 and ends October 1.  On September 29th the cars will reach Crossville, Tennessee and their mission in this game is to locate the U.S. Chess Federation between 9-11am. The drivers of the cars are referred to as Pawns. Once they locate the National Chess Headquarters, located at 137 O’Brien Drive (around the corner from the Post Office) they must have their photo taken by the U.S. Chess sign as they hold a huge Black Pawn chess piece – as proof they reached that destination!


You can be part of this exciting mission! Why not be at the U.S. Chess Federation on September 29th, between 9-11am (come early) and be part of the filming as a spectator –welcoming and cheering on the teams as they stop to “check”-in? This national adventure does make a difference in helping find America’s missing children! Questions: Local contact person: US Chess Director of Communications Joan DuBois, [email protected] or 931-200-3412.

Addendum September 19, 2011 

The U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) recently found out that two of America’s Missing Children have a connection with Crossville, Tennessee – home of USCF! 

The Grandparents of Trust Everitt and Journey Everitt reside here in Crossville, Tennessee. Trust and Journey have been missing since December 2010. As part of “our” mission to help find America’s Missing Children with our recent connection to the 2011 Chevrolet Fireball Run Excursion – we also want to help those affected by this situation who reside in our “own” backyard.

Here is a link to all of the teams involved in this year’s adventure. Along with each team description, a poster of the missing children they are helping to find is offered from the FireballRun.com website, http://www.fireballrun.com/profile/list/5. 

The car helping to find Trust Everitt is “Team Space Coast”, Number 5. The team for this car is Geoff Bodine and Christine Michaels. The team for the car helping to find Journey Everitt is “”Team Florida Tech”, Number 87. The members of this team are by Jennifer Neuhard and Astronaut Winston Scott.

Why not take a moment to check out all of the teams and view the posters connected to all of the cars – to help find America’s Missing Children being featured in this year’s adventure?