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Naroditsky and Shankland Top 3rd Imre Konig Memorial Print E-mail
By IM John Donaldson   
September 25, 2012
GM Shankland, Photo Richard Shorman
Youth triumphed at the 3rd Imre Konig Memorial Rapid (G/30 + 15 sec) held September 22 and 23rd at the Mechanics' Institute Chess Club of San Francisco.

The two youngest participants, 20-year-old Grandmaster Sam Shankland and 16-year-old International Master Daniel Naroditsky, scored 4 points from 6 games to divide $3500 in prize money.

This was yet another recent success for Shankland who recently crossed the 2600 FIDE barrier, but he had to play catchup after losing to Naroditsky in round one with White.


27.d7 was a key mistake, Nxe5 Nxd2 28. Qxd2 would have given White enough compensation for the exchange.

Shankland vs. Naroditsky, Photo Richard Shorman

Shankland's most important victory was against fellow Bay Area Grandmaster Vinay Bhat in round 5 in the Moscow variation of the Semi-Slav when he caught his opponent in a sharp theoretical line.


GM Walter Browne, Photo Richard Shorman
This event was honored by the participation of six-time US Champion Walter Browne.  Walter doesn't play much these days, but he showed he still possesses a  deep understanding of the game and if not for some unfortunate time pressure episodes could have easily finished much higher in the standings.

Thanks go to Tibor Weinberger for sponsoring this event (as well as the first two Konig Memorials), Arun Sharma and Elliott Winslow for relaying moves and Richard Shorman for taking great photos of the event which can be found at chessdryad.com.

Final standings: 1-2. IM Naroditsky and GM Shankland 4/6; 3-4. GMs deFirmian and Kraai 3 1/2; 5. GM Anka 3; 6. GM Bhat 2; 7. GM Browne 1.

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