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Kasparov dominates the first day in Valencia Print E-mail
September 22, 2009
KasparovKarpovlogo.jpgIn the first day of the Kasparov-Karpov battle in Valencia, Spain, Kasparov dominated winning both games in fewer than 30 moves. Update: On the second day, the two K's traded wins, so Kasparov wins match 3-1.

The first game was a fianchetto Grunfeld, and Kasparov got an extremely comfortable game. Black seemed to be having all the fun- I wonder how many Grunfeld converts it will create? Despite his unpleasant game, Karpov was far from lost, but he got low on time and flagged in 23 moves.


If it's possible, game two was even more fun for Kasparov as he got a chance to play the pretty 22.Nf6!


Catch the second day of the rapids Sept.23 at 1 PM EST, on the Internet Chess Club or the official website.