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Q: How popular is scholastic chess?
A: Scholastic chess has grown enormously in the past several years. While exact figures of how many school chess programs exist and how many students are playing, one indication might be the number of students who participate in national scholastic tournaments. The SuperNationals V (the combination of the three spring national tournaments into one? held every four years) attracted over 5300 players from Kindergarten through the 12th grade from all over the United States. The largest scholastic tournament ever held!

Q: How can I start a scholastic program at my school?
A: You can help start a chess program in several ways. You may approach the school administration or an interested teacher. You might even agree to serve as a volunteer or a coach. Enlisting school, parent, and community support is important to keep the program going. For more information on starting a scholastic chess program in your area, contact the US Chess office at: U.S. Chess, P.O. Box 3967, Crossville, TN 38557 for the information packet. 

Q: Is there research available that shows the value of chess in education?
A: Yes! You can the list of studies available from our website
research articles listing after which we can email you the studies on a CD.

Q: Where can I find the rules of chess?
A: For a simple explanation of the game and other articles for beginning players, please visit our “New to Chess?” category on our homepage at uschess.org. You will also find other useful information in the “Forms” section located behind our “Activities & Interests” category. In addition, the latest edition of The Official Rules of Chess can be purchased from US Chess Federation Sales from their
Online chess store. These rules explain not only how the pieces move and other aspects of the game itself, but they cover the rules which govern US Chess-rated tournaments. You can also call US Chess Federation Sales at: 1-800-388-KING (5464) or click on “Shop” at uschess.org.

Q: Where can I find the chess sets, boards, and chess clocks?
A: For a catalog of chess equipment, you can visit US Chess Federation Sales.com and request one from their website. You can find a link to US Chess Federation Sales from our homepage at uschess.org, “Shop”.

Q: What national scholastic events are offered each year?
A: The US Chess sponsors five major scholastic tournaments? 3 in the spring and 2 in the fall. The three spring competitions include the National Elementary (K-6), the National Junior High (K-9), and the National High School (K-12) tournaments. The National K-12/Collegiate tournament is usually held in the Fall. Regulations governing these events can be found in our “Scholastic/Colleges” section of our website.

Q: My Child and/or team has never attended a US Chess natonal event. What can we expect and what should we know ahead of time?
A: If you are new to national events please review our "Guide to Attending Your First US Chess National Event".

Q: Where can I go in my area to play chess?
A: US Chess provides listings of chess clubs for all regions of the United States, free. Please check our
Club directory. This section is offered within our “Clubs & Tournaments” category.

Q: After I become a US Chess member and play in a US Chess rated event, will I get a chess rating?
A: Yes. The organizer of the event will send the results to US Chess and a rating will be calculated. You can also view your rating and history in the Players & Ratings category located on our homepage at uschess.org.