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By US Chess Federation   
June 26, 2007
MonRoi is recognizing women in chess in collaboration with the European Chess Union, the Continental Chess Association, the Quebec Chess Federation, Chess’n Math, the Susan Polgar Foundation and the Association of Chess Professionals. IM Irina Krush of USA is leading MonRoi’s International Women’s Grand-Prix. The Grand-Prix Finale is an 8-player round robin scheduled in Montreal 21-29 of July in Hilton Doubletree. We cordially invite all women players to participate at the 35th annual World Open (projected $400,000 prize fund!) in the Valley Forge Radisson & Convention Plaza, King of Prussia, PA, June 28 - July 4. This is the last qualifier for the MonRoi’s 2007 Grand-Prix Finale. GALAZZO jewellers are awarding to the winner of the Women’s Grand-Prix a truly unique watch from Hot Diamonds embellished with 16 sparkling diamonds.    

Standings, based on rating performances in 7 qualifiers in Grand-Prix host countries: Gibraltar, France, Croatia, Germany, Liechtenstein, Italy & USA

1.    WGM Irina Krush, USA, RP- 2554 GibTelecom
2.    GM Pia Cramling, Sweden, RP-2522 GibTelecom
3.    WGM Iweta Rajlich, Poland, RP- 2521 Euro 2007
4.    WGM Jovaka Houska, England, RP- 2512 GibTelecom
5.    WGM Lela Javakhishvili, Georgia, RP- 2490 Euro 2007
6.    WGM Cristina Adela Foisor, Romania, RP- 2489 Liechtenstein
7.    WGM Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman, India, RP- 2482 Liechtenstein
8.    Myriam Roy, Canada, Quebec Chess Federation selection
For more information visit the website: www.monroi.com/GP

We invite you to follow live games at tournaments taking place in July!

Canadian Open Chess Championship, Marriott, Ottawa, July 7-15. Nearly 230 players, of which more than 20 are grandmasters from more than a dozen countries: N. Short ENG FIDE 2691, V. Milov SUI, S. Tiviakov NED, B. Xiangzhi CHN, K. Miton POL, V. Mikhalevski ISR etc. The tournament's success is due in large part to the generosity of a number of corporate sponsors, chief of which are Hill & Knowlton Canada and Magmic Games. Prize Fund $26,500. It promises to be one of the strongest chess events in Canada's history.

The Frank K Berry 2007 U.S. Women's Chess Championship, July 16–20, Stillwater – Oklahoma. IRINA KRUSH USCF 2512, CAMILLA BAGINSKAITE 2361, KATERINE ROHONYAN 2304, BATCHIMEG TUVSHINTUGS 2263, TATEV ABRAHAMYAN 2258, CHOUCHANIK AIRAPETIAN 2157, TSAGAAN BATTSETSEG 2234, ALISA MELEKHINA 2168 and / or ANNA ZATONSKIH 2491, ROZA EYNULLAYEVA 2122 & ELIZABETH VICARY 2155. Prize fund is $25,000.

Quebec Open Chess Championship, Hiton Doubletree, Montreal, July 20-29. Prize Fund $25,000. 14 grandmasters confirmed their participation: I. Nataf FRA FIDE 2596, A. Huzman ISR, V. Iordachescu NDA, T. Likavsky SVK, E. Rozentalis LTU, Andrey Rychagov RUS, Chanda Sandipan IND etc. The tournament is organized by André Langlois in collaboration with the Quebec Chess Federation & Chess’n Math. Montreal hosts the largest Comedy Festival in July, and is internationally reputed to have the best nightlife in the world. Do not miss the charms of the Quebec Open this year!

8th Montreal International Chess Tournament, Invitational Round-Robin, Category 17, Hiton Doubletree, Montreal, July 19-29. Prize Fund $25,000 + $30,000 appearance fees. Eight of top 70 players in the world will meet two Canadian grandmasters: Vassily Ivanchuk UKR FIDE 2729, Gata Kamsky USA 2705, Nigel Short ENG 2691, Pavel Elyanov UKR 2686, Sergey Tiviakov NED 2663, Kamil Miton POL 2653, Pentala Harikrishna IND 2650, Emil Sutovsky ISR 2648, Mark Bluvshtein CAN 2520, Pascal Charbonneau CAN 2502. The tournament is organized by André Langlois in collaboration with Empresa.

For more information and to register, visit www.monroi.com and select the tournament which interests you.

Have a wonderful summer!