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By Joan DuBois   
September 19, 2006

Press Release #51 of 2006

Alane Moran
America's Foundation for Chess
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Bill Hall
U.S. Chess Federation
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AF4C to provide in-school chess curriculum; USCF to expand membership channel through co-marketing program

CROSSVILLE, TN and SEATTLE, WA, SEPTEMBER, 19, 2006–The U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) and America’s Foundation for Chess (AF4C) today announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement. Through this partnership, AF4C’s unique First Move™ chess curriculum becomes a USCF-sanctioned in-school program for teaching elementary level children the game of chess. Together, the two organizations will work to expand the interest of chess and help make the intellectually challenging game an integral part of class curriculum. Co-marketing activities will help drive the awareness level and advantages of membership in the USCF as well.

“AF4C has delivered an effective in-class chess curriculum with a proven track record in schools across the country and we’re pleased to establish a partnership with a top quality organization,” said Joel Channing, a USCF board member, and Vice President of Finance. “Through our joint marketing efforts with the AF4C, we plan to increase the awareness of the USCF and benefits of membership, while demonstrating the advantages to students and teachers of integrating chess into the class curriculum.”

With this partnership, the USCF and AF4C are teaming to promote each other’s organizations through co-marketing and branding efforts. USCF will work with AF4C in efforts to expand the number of students enrolled in the First Move™ program by integrating AF4C into the USCF branding strategy, including print materials, web site, event and tournament displays, etc. In turn, AF4C will promote the USCF brand to help increase the awareness and benefits of USCF membership and sponsorship benefits. This includes direct links to the USCF web site 
(www.uschess.org ) from the AF4C web site (www.af4c.org ), and the AF4C intranet (TEDNET), accessible to teachers through a password protected section of the site.

“We’re excited about our partnership with the USCF, which is an organization that truly sets the standards in the world of chess,” said Rourke O’Brien, President of AF4C. “The fact the USCF has endorsed AF4C’s First Move™ program as a preferred class curriculum for schools is a real testament to the effectiveness of our approach. Through our partnership, we can effectively demonstrate how chess can be integrated at all levels and ages and enrich the lives of children and educators.”

About the USCF
The United States Chess Federation (USCF) is the official, not-for-profit US membership organization for chess players and chess supporters of all ages and strengths, from beginners to Grandmasters. The USCF represents the United States in the World Chess Federation (FIDE), linking US members to chess players around the world. Founded in 1939 with the merger of the American Chess Federation and the National Chess Federation, USCF has grown to over 80,000 members and 2,000+ affiliated chess clubs and organizations today. Under the management of a professional staff headquartered in Crossville, Tennessee, USCF sanctions thousands of tournaments with over half a million officially rated games annually. 25 National Championships award titles to both amateurs and professionals, ranging from elementary school students to senior citizens. Over fifty Grandmasters (one out of every twenty GMs in the world [the FIDE website shows about 1013 GMs in the world]) represent the US internationally, and USCF supports the participation of Americans in official FIDE championship events at all levels. For more information visit www.uschess.org.

About America’s Foundation for Chess
America’s Foundation for Chess (AF4C) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of our children by providing high quality educational programs, as well as top flight professional development and training for elementary school teachers. AF4C’s unique First Move™ program offers  a professionally designed, standards-based class curriculum utilizing the game of chess as a learning tool for all 2nd and 3rd grade students. Integrated as part of the standard classroom curriculum, the program is designed to support teachers’ existing academic, social and emotional goals for their students. Students learn to make better choices by thinking ahead, thinking analytically, and thinking of consequences: essential life skills. The First Move™ program will have nearly 15,000 student enrollees this fall and is rapidly expanding across America so that it will soon become a regular part of every child’s classroom experience.  AF4C’s national office is located in Kirkland, Washington. For more information visit www.af4c.org

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