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By Alan Kantor   
July 26, 2006


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Ten Youngsters Compete in Dallas For 2006

U.S. Junior Invitational Chess Championship

(Crossville, TN)  What happens when you bring ten of the most highly qualified youngsters to Dallas, Texas?  If it is at the Marriott Dallas/Addison Quorum from July 15-21, 2006, then they will vie for the title of 2006 U.S. Junior Invitational Chess Champion.  What a story this was for FIDE Master Robert L. Hess (rating: 2422), from New York. Hess won his last four games to take first place with seven points.  For his efforts he received a $500 scholarship, an invitation to the 2006 World Junior, and a place in the 2007 U.S. Chess Championship. 

 Finishing in second place, and beating Hess in head-to-head competition, was Jake Kleiman (rating: 2336), from Tennessee.  Kleiman lost the last game to FM Igor Schneider, from New York, which kept him from being crowned the champion.  He scored 6.5 points anyway which was good enough for the number two spot along with a $300 scholarship.

 FIDE Master Salvijus Bercys, from New York, finished strong with a solid finish accumulating 6 points along the way, earning him a $200 scholarship.  After losing to Hess in the first round, Kazim Gulamali, from Georgia, went undefeated and scored 5.5 points which was good enough for fourth place and the $100 scholarship.  The tournament was organized by Luis Salinas and directed by Francisco Guadalupe.


Here is a game from the tournament winner:

White:  Kazim Gulamali (2276)

Black:  Robert L. Hess (2395)

King’s Gambit Accepted (Scandinavian Variation)

1. e4 e5  2. f4 d5  3. exd5 exf4  4. Nf3 Nf6  5. Bc4 Bd6  6. O-O O-O  7. d4 Nbd7  8. Nc3 Re8  9. Bb3 Ng4  10. Qd3 Ndf6  11. Ne5 Bxe5  12. dxe5 Nxe5  13. Qd4 f3  14. Bf4 fxg2  15. Kxg2 c5  16. Qxc5 Qd7  17.  Kh1 Qh3  18.  Qe3 Qh5  19. Ba4 Neg4  20. Qg3 Ne4  21. Qg2 Nxc3  22. Bxe8 Nxd5  23. Rad1 Be6  24. Bd7 Nxf4  25. Rxf4 Nf2+  0-1


For all the game scores, see http://swchess.com/sce/tourney/USJrInv06/games.htm.



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