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By Joan DuBois   
September 15, 2006

International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) ICCF-US is pleased to announce that the winner of the 15th USCCC Final is SIM (Senior International Master) Edward Duliba. Ed had an undefeated win in his Preliminary section of the 14th USCCC. He was nominated by USCF to play in the 14th Final. He deferred is 14th qualification until the 15th Final. He had only 1 loss in the 14th Final and was undefeated in the 15th Final. Not only was he playing in two Finals at the same time, but he was in several other strong events such as the 4th North American Pacific Zone Championship, three World Championship Semifinal sections, and he is now on the USA 13th Olympiad Final team. Since 1998, when he started the 14th Preliminary section, he has completed more than 200 ICCF rated games.

Final crosstable.

The prize for first place is a trophy and a USA nomination to the ICCF World Championship semifinal. Ed qualifies for a place in a Candidates section based on ICCF Tournament Rule 1.3.1 (g), "the holders of Senior International Title with ratings above 2525"

We also congratulate Kenneth M. Reinhart for finishing in Second Place and IM John Mousessian for finishing in Third Place. We will offer the USA nomination to Ken for his accomplishment in this tournament.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Max Zavanelli and Ruth Ann Fay