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Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone and Oak Park Village President participate in Wizard Chess! Print E-mail
By Joan DuBois/David Heiser   
July 27, 2007

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July 24, 2007



(Oak Park, IL.) The Renaissance Knights sponsored two exhibitions of life-size chess games as part of Oak Park's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book Release Festival on July 20, 2007 at Scoville Park.  The Scoville Park location allowed ample room for Wizards’ Chess on the lawn while muggles watched.  Great chess playing was also happening under a tent where individual muggle size chess boards were set up. 


In a friendly exhibition game, Anthony Calderone, Mayor of Forest Park and David Pope, Village President of Oak Park combined their strategies to try and ward off the attacks from International Master Stan Smiatankin.  The only problem was that neither of the dignitaries had much knowledge of the game of chess, let alone Wizard's Chess (often bloodier than standard regulation).  Spectators and supporters gave the duo hints, pointers, and downright moves, but in the end they could not defeat the chess master.  “They were good sports though, since neither used their influence with the local Police to have Stan removed from park” said National Master William Aramil who was the commentator for this event.


“Sponsoring these types of events is part of our efforts to raise people’s awareness of chess as a great alternative to video games and television” said David Heiser, President and Co-Founder of Renaissance Knights.  “Stan and William are two of our best teachers and enjoy participating in community events”.


This fun day of chess was the latest in a series of free community chess events taking place around Chicago in 2007 sponsored by the Renaissance Knights.  Previous events included: the Triple Play simultaneous exhibition at the Taste of Chicago with GrandMaster Sam Palatnik, International Master Stan Smiatankin, and National Master William Aramil; Lunch Time Chess Break and A Full day of chess activites as part of Chicago’s summer program “The Art of Play”; and a 2 am Blitz Tournament and open play as part of the festivities at Looptopia - America’s first all night festival.


The Renaissance Knights is non-profit organization that utilizes chess as a tool to work with children in creating the desire to succeed both in school and life in after-school youth development programs.




   Digital photos of the event are available from Renaissance Knights CC, PO Box 1074, Northbrook, IL 60065. (847) 526-9025.