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FIDE Arbiters Seminar at the World Amateur Champs Print E-mail
By Sevan Muradian   
December 10, 2009
SKOKIE, IL--For the first time ever, a FIDE Arbiters Seminar will be held in conjunction with the World Amateur Chess Championships. This seminar is open to tournament directors of all levels.

The seminar will be lead by International Arbiter Stewart Reuben (ENG) and cover a plethora of topics. The seminar will run from Monday March 22 through Thursday March 25, 2010 with 3 days of lecture and discussion followed by a written examination. Upon successful completion of the written examination (80% or higher), participants will earn a FIDE Arbiters norm and fulfill the requirement for attending a FIDE Arbiters seminar. A fee of $250 for seminar participants is to be charged which will cover the costs for daily lunch, the testing fee, and the seminar fee.

For more information on requirements for the title of FIDE Arbiter please visit the following website:


To register for this event please visit - http://www.worldchesschamps.com/world-amateur/registration/