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By Jerry Nash   
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Official Press Release
11 March 2013 Contact: Jerry Nash
USCF Director of Titles and Certifications
Press Release #6 of 2013 [email protected]

FIDE Announcement Concerning Norms

(Crossville, TN)

FIDE has just announced procedures on tracking older norms for players. The announcement states in part, “Instead of tracking old regulations and old tournament results whenever an application is received, the QC recommended that norms achieved prior to 1st July 2005 be registered before 1st July 2013. Failing which, the norm will be considered to have expired. In addition with readily available information from the recent years, the QC hopes to move towards automation of title awards as soon as possible.” The complete FIDE announcement may be found at http://www.fide.com/component/content/article/1-fide-news/6891-announcement.html.

USCF members who have achieved norms before July 1st, 2005, should contact Walter Brown ([email protected]) and Jerry Nash ([email protected]) in the USCF office, sending an email stating the name and date of the tournament during which the norm was achieved. Players should, if possible, send a copy of the original norm forms to the USCF office. All players should check to make sure that tournament directors have sent the appropriate norm forms to the USCF office after a tournament is completed.


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