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By Joan DuBois/Dewain Barber   
July 13, 2007
Updated: July 23, 2007(714) 998-5508 
Press Release #20 of 2007[email protected]

(Crossville, TN) The 23rd Annual Denker Tournament of High School Champions will be played at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ from July 29 to August 3.  This event was founded by GM Arnold Denker to provide an opportunity for the best high school players from each state to meet and compete.  Visitors are invited to attend the Opening Ceremony at 9 AM on July 29 where each representative will be recognized.  This year, a scholarship will be provided by Texas Tech University.

Confirmed participants as of July 23, 2007:

Alabama:  Luke Hellwig
Alaska:  Matthew Parshall
Arizona: Christopher De Sa
Arkansas: Jared Taylor
California N.: Nicolas Yap
California S.:  John Daniel Bryant
Colorado: Tyler B. Hughes
Connecticut: Michael-David Mangini
Delaware: Alejandro Pabon
District of Columbia: Dan Aldrich
Florida:  Jeffrey Haskell
Georgia:  Javid Aceil
Hawaii: Charles Sonido
Idaho:  Daniel Taylor
Illinois:Tony Cao
Indiana: Jared Vibbert
Iowa:  Dan Brashaw
Kansas:  Maxx Coleman
Kentucky: Todd Whitehouse
Louisiana: Ben Bailey
Maine:  Cullen Edes
Maryland: Jared Defibaugh
Massachusetts: Matthew Klegon
Michigan: James Canty III
Minnesota: Kevin Wasiluk
Mississippi: Clay Polk
Missouri: Taylor Tyre
Nevada:Alex Kosbab
New Hampshire: Matthew P. Elkherj
New Jersey: Jayson Lian
New Jersey: (alt.) Evan Ju
New Mexico: Derick Arellano
New York: James Hiltunen
North Carolina: Frank Mu
North Dakota: Preston Laib
Ohio:  Westley Russell
Oklahoma: Jacob V. Berger
Oregon:  Ethan Peake
Pennsylvania: Daniel A. Yeager
Rhode Island: John Zack Perrotta
South Carolina: Lintu Ramachandran
South Dakota:Zachary Truelson
Tennessee: Gainer Phay
Texas:  Warren Harper
Utah:  Jamie Olson-Mills
Vermont:  Haizhou Xu
Virginia: Adithya Balasubramanian
Washington: Andy May
West Virginia: Ben Cowley
Wisconsin: Christopher Brown, Jr.

States we have yet to hear from are: Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming. You can contact directly Dewain Barber, Chairman of the Denker Committee.

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