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By Douglas Stack   
February 6, 2012
MIDDLETOWN, NY Saturday, January 28th at Middletown High School, chess candidate master Deepak Aaron took on all comers in Middletown’s third annual simultaneous chess exhibition. Deepak played thirty games (including repeat games) in total and won them all. Deepak is a Senior at Niskayuna High School outside of Albany. His list of accomplishments includes being the New York State High School champion and North American youth champion. He has represented the United States in international play.

The event was organized by teacher and chess coach, Luis Garcia. Mr. Garcia has always been an active supporter of chess, young people and contributing to the community. The cost of admission to play againstDeepak was a contribution of canned foods for a local food pantry. Deepak's target was to raise canned goods to the value of $2000. This has become Deepak's signature style to promote a noble cause through his simuls.Deepak calls it, "Giving back to the community!"

Having participated in each of these annual events, this was the third time I’d played Deepak, and I’ve always been impressed. Not so much by his play- I knew that would be brilliant; it was how he conducted himself in an event where he was the event. He is not flamboyant or egotistical as you might expect of a young man his age. He does not engage in trash-talk, jokes or idle chatter. No, in public, Deepak is all business. He is reserved, soft spoken and above all, polite. Regardless of ability, he treats all of his opponents with respect.

Middletown, along with half a dozen other schools, participates in the Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League. Every year, this event attracts several of the league’s best players and coaches, so Deepak is always pushed hard in several games. In fact, last year, one of the league’s best players, Conor Solner, actually won in a wild shoot-out of a game. Deepak was as gracious in defeat as he always is in victory. But such a game must have been on his mind when he pulled into the parking lot again today.
Deepak played solid chess and went about it methodically to dispatch one after the other. He dispatched me with greater ease than he had last year. He surprised me twice with moves that I’d dismissed as weak… right up until I lost a couple of more pawns, or a rook, or ultimately the game.
Events such as this “simul” promote chess as worthwhile and important. Students that play chess are better at concentrating and have longer attention spans than those that do not. Chess is one of the few endeavors that mimic the world of business, where survival is tied to your responses to an ever changing environment. Luis Garcia and Deepak Aaron deserve our thanks and support.
Marty Grund of World Chess Live / Internet Chess Club sponsored the event by donating FREE 6 months membership to all Scholastic players to World Chess Live. Brother John McManus of Make the Right Move brought chess sets for the event.

Local media also covered the event. See the story and photo gallery at recordonline.com and story with video at YNN (Your News Now.)